What are the effects of COVID-19 on Pregnancy?

Everyone is panicked in this fearful situation of COVID-19 outburst. It is spreading like a wildfire and things are becoming complicated day by day. Senior citizens, kids, and pregnant ladies are the most affected people that are worried these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Women who have already conceived or who are going to deliver soon are engrossed with the same stress every day. They are panicked for their as well as the child's life who is going to enter this world soon.

Hence, instead of enjoying this beautiful phase of life, they are worried. If you are pregnant, you might have got some questions related to you and your baby's safety. You might have taken some measures already to be safe from the coronavirus. Dr. SN Mohanty the best gynecologist in Odisha, says that it is very important for a pregnant woman to know everything about the coronavirus and its effects on pregnancy. It will help a pregnant woman to take preventive measures against the virus.  

The virus spread is a big question in front of everyone including the doctors. But, with all the information we have, we should be preventive with it. With all the knowledge from past epidemics that were related to the respiratory organs, Dr. SN Mohanty provides you with the necessary information on the ill effects of the coronavirus during pregnancy and what are the preventive measures to fight with the same.

What are the effects of the virus on pregnant women?

Studies and research in the medical field say that pregnant women are prone to lesser risks to the coronavirus just like a healthy adult. Symptoms of the virus in a pregnant woman will only be just normal flu. Now, how will you get to know that you are infected with the virus? 

When your flu-like symptoms are getting severe and the situation is getting worse then, it is the possibility that you are infected. But, instead of getting panicked and making the situation even worse, you should consult your doctor on the telephone and visit the hospital nearby. You may need hospitalization if you have got a breathing problem.  

Symptoms of the virus in the first trimester:

The first trimester of every pregnant woman is already as delicate as the baby is in the process of formation. It is advised by the doctors that they should take the utmost care of the fetus and themselves during this phase. In the first trimester, the pregnant woman might see the symptoms such as high fever. Doctors say that to date, there is no case of coronavirus passing to the child in the fetus seen, but if seen the child may have birth defects.

Hence, the pregnant woman should take the utmost care in the first trimester of her pregnancy. But there is no evidence that the virus passes to the baby in the fetus. 

Pregnant women are more likely to get infected with the virus. Hence, they are advised to maintain social distancing and follow proper hygiene procedures and are also advised to be extra cautious during the pandemic. 

COVID-19 and newborn breastfeeding:

Most of the pregnant ladies are having the question of that, can they be able to breastfeed the newborn baby if they will be infected with the virus. The truth is that, breastfeeding the baby will not infect the baby. The chances of the newborn to get infected when in close touch with you while breastfeeding through breathing. Hence, you should take the hygiene precautions before you breastfeed the baby. 

Precautionary measures to be taken by the pregnant woman:

Prevention is better than cure. The phase of the corona period is a very crucial and delicate phase for a pregnant lady who has conceived recently or at the doorstep of delivery. Instead of being panicked by the situation, you should take precautionary measures to avoid the virus.  

•    If you are pregnant and also a working woman then you should request to work from home. Only go to the office when it is unavoidable.
•    If you find the symptoms such as high fever with or without continuous cough, then you should first consult the doctor. 
•    Always stay safe and cautious if you find the symptoms of the virus in anyone surrounding, you avoid contact with the person immediately. 
•    Follow social distancing wherever you go. 
•    Try to have a maximum of virtual or telephonic consultations with your doctor. Meet the doctor if and only if you feel any discomfort, pain, or bleeding.
•    Make sure that you make use of tissue when you cough or sneeze. Do not forget to through the tissue away once used. 
•    Keep your environment neat and tidy. Also, make sure that you make maximum use of antibacterial solutions like Dettol, Savlon, etc. to clean the floor and surfaces.
•    Practice to be hygienic. Make sure that every member of the family wash their hands and sanitize it regularly and most importantly, whenever they come home from outside.

Majorly, take care that you do not take more stress regarding anything. Taking stress will only bring complications in your pregnancy rather than resolving the problems. It is the lockdown period and hence, you should be adopting a skill or hobbies that will occupy the whole of your mind and help you get relieved from stress.

Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle with light exercising, meditation, and yoga for pregnancy that will make things easier for you and the little one in the future. In this way, you will be able to welcome a new member of your family with happiness and not stress.  

Dr. SN Mohanty, an experienced gynecologist, says that a pregnant woman should always be happy and focus only on enjoying motherhood. It is a bad phase for everyone that is going to pass one day. There is no date and time when the virus will get eradicated from the country, but till then, we should always be preventive and take measures that will help to avoid the deadly virus from entering our doorstep.