How to find the right Gynecologist?

Every woman is bound to experience some conditions related to her reproductive system at some point in her time. Most of the women are seen to be very shy when it comes to discussing her reproductive health problems. Sometimes, females feel it uncomfortable to share with the closest person in their life. Problems or conditions related to the reproductive system of a female should be understood deeply and completely. If they are understood then only there can be treatments advised regarding the same.

Women should share their genital problems with someone who understands it completely. The person should be able to help the women both physically and psychologically. A gynecologist is a person who can understand the problems of a woman related to their reproductive system. He has a better understanding of every woman’s genital problems and reproductive anatomy.

Dr. Surya Narayan Mohanty, one of the best gynecologists in Odisha, recommends that a gynecologist can be a women’s best friend as he understands the genital problems faced by a woman and with a clear understanding he gives the best advice related to it. 

A female should start seeing a gynecologist from the start of her reproductive years. That is between the age of 13 to 15 years. It will help her to have a pleasant and carefree life and will get alertness about the important things related to the female reproductive system. 

If you are a woman who is facing some gynecological problems in your life and not yet thought of seeing a gynecologist then start thinking about it now. A gynecologist will help you to solve your genetic problems with ease.

What does a gynecologist do for you?

A gynecologist is a specialized medical doctor or surgeon for women's genital problems. A gynecologist is a specialized trained professional who studies a woman’s overall genital health condition. A Gynecologist specializes in treating the symptoms and disorders related to the fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, cervix, uterus, breasts, and womb, etc.  

It is true that a woman who is pregnant needs to meet the gynecologist throughout her pregnancy and also during her delivery time. But, it is mistaken by the society that a woman should meet the gynecologist only when she is pregnant or find herself in a serious health condition. A woman should consider meeting the gynecologist for her routine genital checkup.

You should visit the gynecologist when,

•    You have irregular periods
•    You experience heavy bleeding for continues days
•    You have pelvic pain
•    You have a problem in urinating
•    You are unable to conceive
•    You find spotting between your periods
•    You have irregular blood flow
•    Itching in the vagina
•    Blood in urine
•    Unexpected abdominal pain

Dr. S N Mohanty recommends that a woman should never neglect any of the issues related to her reproductive organs as it may cause severe problems in the future. You should always find a gynecologist first when you see the above-stated symptom in your body.
How to find the right gynecologist for you?

Finding the right gynecologist means finding a doctor to treat your genital issues. It is everything about your overall reproductive health. Hence, you should find the right doctor for it. The following are some things you should consider while choosing the right gynecologist for you: 

•    It is very important for a woman to feel comfortable talking to a doctor openly about her problems. Hence, you should find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable with. 

•    When you are finding a gynecologist make sure that the gynecologist has a good reputation and has good reviews about him outside the clinic also.  It is also suggested that the doctor you are going to visit is highly recommended. As it is a question of your personal life, the doctor whom you are going to visit should be trustworthy.

•    If you are planning to have a baby, you should find a gynecologist who is an expert obstetrician. He or she will take complete care of your baby right from your conceiving till the delivery of your baby.

•    If you are planning a baby consider the doctor that lives nearby your house so that the hospital is easily accessible for you in case of an emergency.

•    Find a doctor who is responsible and who is willing to answer all your queries patiently and precisely. It will help you get all the required answers to your questions.

•    You should consult with a doctor who is responsive and should get back to you personally in case he is busy sometimes.

•    It is obvious that being a female, you might feel a bit uncomfortable talking about your private life with a male doctor. Hence, you should consider finding a female doctor or a male doctor who has a lady assistant with him.

•    You should try considering a doctor who has experience in his field. If you are finding for a doctor online, then you should check with his credentials such as his education, his experience in working with which specialization, checkout for the university from where he gained his degree. 

A gynecologist is an important part of a female’s life as he is going to support you with your genital problems at every phase of your life. Hence, it is very important to choose the right doctor wisely. Also, make sure that you keep consistency in seeing the gynecologist so that it will help both doctors and you to keep a track of your medical issues.