The Benefits of Regular Gynecological Assessment

A woman's life is said to be a powerhouse of various important tasks. A woman is always seemed to be multi-tasking in her life. She can play all the important roles at the same time. They have a different power to look out for other's happiness without even caring for themselves. Most of the women today are seen to be working today. Hence, their workload has increased, and also they have to do more multi-task than ever.

A woman is expected to manage her work life and her personal life. In between, handling various roles at the same time, she forgets or ignores her health and well being. With changes in lifestyle, women's health problems also have changed. Most of the time, the changes in the lifestyle of the women result in the gynecological problems that are the problems related to her reproductive system.

Dr. Surya Narayan Mohanty, one of the best gynecologists in Bhubaneswar, advises every woman to take care of herself before getting into any future irreversible gynecological conditions. 

Every woman should take care and notice minor changes related to her reproductive organs such as her breast, cervix, and vagina, etc. It is known to everyone that a woman's body changes art every phase of her life.

The problems she faces in every phase are as follows:

First phase: Introduction to menstruation between the age of 13 to 15.

Second phase: In between the age of 20 to 30, a woman's body normally faces changes such as motherhood. Also during this period, a woman is deep into her career and also some other social commitments. Along with it, she has to face the emotional and physical changes which lead to gynecological problems too. 

Third phase: The third phase of a woman’s life is all about menopause. She has to face depression and other gynecological problems when she goes through this phase. 

During all the above phases, it is also the probability that the woman will come across some major gynecological problems. But if neglected, these gynecological problems can sometimes change into life taking diseases. Hence, a woman needs to have a regular gynecological checkup before it is too late. 
Why regular checkups?

A woman undergoes various hormonal changes at every phase of her life that includes menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. A certain imbalance in hormones during this period can lead women to give birth to various diseases. Sometimes, diseases are life-taking.

Breast and cervical cancer are the two most common diseases that are causing the death of women. Hence, having a regular health checkup is very important. 

Benefits of having regular gynecological examinations

A regular health assessment should be a fundamental part of every human being and for women, regular gynecological health examination is a boon. It helps the women to get alert about various health issues or serious health conditions if she has any. Also, it will help the woman to get alert before the problems start showing symptoms.  
Some of the benefits of having a regular gynecological assessment are as follows:

•    Overall health and well being:

The examination related to the overall health issues may include physical or ultrasound tests in some cases. It will help the women to get to know about any risk factor or disease. Common of them is blood pressure, thyroid, and sugar. Women near her menopause especially should consider looking into these factors. She might have symptoms such as vaginal dryness or painful intercourse. In this case, the gynecologist performs the test such as sugar, osteoporosis, and colon cancer. A woman can also seem to have obvious symptoms such as breast cancer, cervical or ovarian cancer. A regular gynecological examination can help the woman within time treatment if needed.

•    Breast health:

If a woman has any family background related to breast cancer or breast problem, then she should always be alert about any changes in her body. An annual checkup or screening related to the same can help the women to know about the risk related to her breast health. 

•    Female reproductive health:

Avoiding routine health examinations related to the reproductive organs can affect the women's reproductive health during the childbearing years. With regular checkups, the doctor can diagnose whether the women have problems related to pelvic infection, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and uterine prolapsed. These problems have a direct relationship with a woman's fertility and conceiving issues. Hence, having regular gynecological checkups and having a discussion regarding the same with your gynecologist can help women in her conceiving. Along with it, regular examinations will give the woman a pleasant menopausal period.

•    Family planning:

A doctor also helps a woman with family planning by giving suitable advice for birth control. But before advising for birth control, he will ask the woman to have a regular gynecological checkup so that he can also help you to know about the infertility issues you might have in the coming future.

Going for family planning without knowing anything about infertility issues and further problems by avoiding the gynecological examinations can result in a dangerous situation for a woman.

Dr. SN Mohanty, the best gynecologist in Bhubaneswar, specialized in gynecological cancer helps you with the best advice regarding gynecological issues and also recommends that having a regular gynecological checkup will help you to have a pleasant and quality life in the future. It will also help you to get educated about your body in advance which is a very important factor in a woman’s life.