8 symptoms of gynecologic cancer that women shouldn’t ignore

A female's body is prone to changes both ways internally and externally at every stage of her life. It starts from her first menstrual cycle to motherhood and then comes the menopause. Women have the power to understand the signs of human behavior but sometimes they fail to catch the early signs and symptoms of many things related to changes in their reproductive lives. Some of the symptoms related to women's reproductive life are warning towards gynecological cancer.

Dr. S N Mohanty, one of the best gynecologists in Bhubaneswar, says that women cannot understand the symptoms of cancer because they don't know about it or it might be a condition that they may get confused as they feel that those symptoms are normal. It is seen that most of the women ignore the symptoms related to gynecological cancer thereby resulting in prolonged dangers of cancer. 

Early detection of cancer can help the woman to get cured within time. The best way to recognize the early symptoms of cancer is to have a regular checkup with a gynecologist. For that, women should know about these earliest signs of cancer that will help them to get cured or prevent themselves from further complications related to gynecological cancer. 

Women are seen most concerned about abnormal or heavy bleeding during their periods. These can be an alarming sign of cancer. But, along with it, there are more signs that women ignore confusing them with day to day normal.  

The following are the 8 signs and symptoms of gynecological cancer that women should never ignore.

1.    Pain:

Pain in reproductive areas is the most common early symptoms of gynecological cancer. Women feel that pain in the abdomen or back pain can be part of their day-to-day life and ignore them whereas, pain in the lower abdomen and back pain might be alarming you towards ovarian cancer. Pelvic pain or pressure can be signage towards uterine cancer.  
Pain in cancer most of the time indicates that the spread of cancer has started in your body. Hence, you must consult with your gynecologist of you have pain in a certain area for more than four weeks and normal painkillers are not helping you.

2.    Fatigue: 

Women in society are said to be superwomen. They can balance their work as well as the household very easily. Women also feel that their tiredness is because of more amount of work they do. But, sometimes they fail to understand that these are signs of gynecological cancer. 

3.    Change in bathroom timing:

Bathroom habits differ from a person to person. Urinating and toilet timings for each person can be different. But changes in its frequency and timings can be a cause of concern for women. 
Constipation or diarrhea with the presence of blood can indicate different medical conditions. It can be piles or heat. But, sometimes it can be a symptom of cancer. Change in frequency of urination can also be a matter of concern. It can be an indication of urinary bladder cancer or other gynecological cancers. 

4.    Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge:

It is a matter of concern for a woman if she experiences vaginal bleeding after sex every time or in between her periods. Vaginal bleeding in between periods can be due to various reasons but one of the reasons for it can be a symptom of ovarian, uterine, or ovarian cancer.
If you are a woman with menopause and you see vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding, you should straight away consider a visit to your doctor. It can be the possibility of gynecological cancer.

5.    Feeling full:

If you are eating less than normal food intake and if you feel full, then you should consider visiting a doctor. It can be a sign of ovarian cancer. 

6.    Bloating:

Women feel bloated most of the time. Most of the time, during the period’s women, feel bloated. Bloating can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. Hence, if you feel bloated for more weeks in a row, then you should consider visiting a doctor as soon as possible.  

7.    Drastic weight loss:

It is a dream for most women to look slim and they take every possible hard work by changing in their diet and exercise. But, if you see that you have shredded more than 10 kilos fast without making any changes in your regular diet and lifestyle, then you should get concerned about it. If you feel tired in addition to your weight loss then you should visit your gynecologist as soon as possible. Sometimes, it can be due to pancreatic, stomach, or lung cancer. But, sometimes it can also be an issue related to thyroid. 

8.    Changes in the surface of the vulva:

Feeling of itches, scratches, and warts on the surface of the vulva can be a matter of concern for you. The vulva is the outer surface of the area of female genitals. If you feel changes in color, or texture of the vulva can be a symptom of one of the types of gynecological cancers. 

The above symptoms may or may not because of gynecological cancers, but seeing a doctor in case of them can help you in having all the questions to your answers.