Recovery after Gynecological Laparoscopy

Gynecological laparoscopy also known as pelvic laparoscopy is a kind of diagnostic laparoscopic procedure recommended to a woman to examine and determine the woman's reproductive organs. Gynecologists with the help of a laparoscope, a thin device similar to the telescope inserts in the patient's abdomen to have a full view of the female reproductive system.

This procedure is recommended if the examination procedures such as ultrasound or X-rays are not helpful to determine the problem. Pelvic laparoscopy allows the doctor to examine women's health and do minor surgeries without doing the actual open surgery. Dr. SN Mohanty, an expert, and top experienced gynecologist recommends the pelvic laparoscopic procedure to examine the problems such as 
•    Pelvic pain 
•    Unexplained infertility
•    Pelvic infection 
•    Blockage in fallopian pipes

Pelvic laparoscopy procedure is always done with general anesthesia so that you do not experience pain during surgery. Once the surgery complete, the doctors keep you under observation for some hours before shifting you to your room. Depending on your health, the doctor might discharge you from the hospital after 24 hours of surgery. You should follow the recovery precautions recommended and prescribed by the doctor. You need not remain hospitalized for all over recovery. You can take precautionary measures at home also. 

Recovery after laparoscopic surgery

In the case of gynecological laparoscopy, the time of recovery varies from the type of surgery carried out, and also it depends on the patient's body. Most probably, it takes 2 to 3 weeks and in some cases, it may take 6 weeks to recover. It depends on the patient's body response to the surgery.

Some days after surgery

It is very important to take some measures after surgery. Your doctor may advise you not to drive immediately after surgery. You should be driving your vehicle if and only if you feel comfortable driving and stopping your vehicle smoothly in an emergency.

Activities such as swimming and climbing stairs also should be avoided for some days or weeks. You should climb the stairs when you feel comfortable. 
You may feel your stomach tender for some days. You might also feel tired all the time in a day. It doesn't mean that you should be bed-ridden roaming and doing small chores and activities can help you to recover fast.  

The anesthetic effect after surgery

After the effect of anesthesia becomes calm, it is the possibility that you may feel nausea and chilly. You should communicate to the doctor in this case so that the soothing measures can be taken immediately. But make sure that you do not get panicked at all, it may only worsen your condition rather than improving it.  

Sexual intercourse

Of everything is going well, you can continue with your sexual life after 2 to 4 weeks of surgery. Before that, if you want or feel some discomfort, you may call your gynecologist and take his advice for the same. You should always communicate your queries about resuming your sexual life whenever you go for your routine checkup after surgery as you need to allow your top of the vagina to be completely healed. 

You will be allowed to take shower the day after the laparoscopic procedure.

Loose-fitting clothes

You should be wearing loose-fitting clothes during and after surgery for some weeks. You might feel uncomfortable if you wear tight-fitting clothes as it will bother your abdomen tenderness and bring discomfort to you.


It is a possibility that you may feel nausea after some time of surgery. It is due to the anesthesia given to you. But you need not worry as medications are available with doctors to minimize the effect of nausea. You might feel nausea with some of the painkillers that are prescribed for you. You should talk to your doctor if you are acidic to such kind of painkiller medications. Doctors will prescribe you with the related medications that will help you to recover from nausea.
Abdominal bloating

You might feel abdominal bloating for some days. You may feel gases trapped inside your intestine and also in some cases anesthesia may cause constipation. Slow walking for sometime in a day can help you relieved from the same. If you have permission to have peppermint tea, it may also help you to relieve from gases.

Wound care

There will be an incision or cut done under your navel and you might have stitches after that. You will be recommended for dressing the part with antiseptics and ointments. Other than that, you will be given some medications to relive from the wound. Make sure that you don't scratch that part in case you feel itching as it may leave scars on your body forever.

Vaginal bleeding

A small amount of spotting is expected for some days or weeks after the gynecological laparoscopic procedure. You may also feel discomfort and pain in some cases. If you experience heavy bleeding, you should talk to your doctor. If you are feeling heavily bleeding during your menstruation cycle then you should not worry. Even after that, if you feel so, you can consult your doctor.
Shoulder pain

Your abdomen will be filled with gas or air so that the doctor can have a clear view of your reproductive organs, especially the uterus and organs around it. This gas may still be in your body and may result in pain in your shoulder and arms. You should ask for medication to the doctor if you experience this kind of pain.

You should call your doctor in case of the following discomfort after gynecological laparoscopy:

•    High fever
•    Problem in breathing
•    Persistent nausea and vomiting
•    Severe pain that is not relieved with regular medication
•    Heavy vaginal bleeding
•    Dizziness
•    The problem in passing urine
•    Increased pain and redness or infection near incision or cut
•    Diarrhea or bleeding diarrhea with pain and fever

In case of an emergency, you can also consult the doctor near you.
Dr. SN Mohanty with his experience and dedicated gynecological practice provides you with the best gynecological laparoscopic procedure and all the information related to it. It will help you to resolve your gynecological problems with ease and lower risk. He also takes care that your recovery after gynecological laparoscopy is fast and smooth.