Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery

Laparoscopy is preferred over the open type of surgery most of the time by gynecological doctors these days. 

The laparoscopic type of surgery has many advantages over the open one. One of the important factors behind choosing laparoscopy is; it is minimally invasive and more precise. 

It helps the laparoscopic surgeon to look into the female’s pelvic area while performing the surgery by making small incisions in the women’s body. 

A woman’s reproductive system is delicate as well as complicated as there are various organs present in the system, and are interconnected with each other. Some of the gynecological conditions need a surgical approach to be treated and surgery means multiple incisions in the body. 

Advanced laparoscopic gynecological surgery is one of the best ways to avoid large incisions in the female body.

Dr. Suryanarayan Mohanty is one of the best laparoscopic gynecological surgeons in Bhubaneswar, has experience and expertise in treating various gynecological conditions. 

He has solved many complicated and high-risk gynecological cases in his dedicated service of over 30 years. As a senior and best laparoscopic surgeon, he believes that laparoscopic gynecological surgery is one of the best ways a woman can overcome a gynecological condition through surgery.

What is laparoscopic gynecological surgery? 

Basically laparoscopic gynecological surgery is an alternative to an open surgery that requires a large incision in a female’s body. The laparoscopic surgeon uses a laparoscope to see clearly inside the pelvic area while performing surgery.  

A laparoscope is a thin lighted tube with a camera on one end. The laparoscope during the surgery is inserted in the patient’s abdomen through a small incision. The laparoscope is very thin hence it needs a very small incision to be inserted. The camera on one end sends the picture of the body parts in the pelvic area on a TV monitor. It helps the laparoscopic specialist to clearly visualize the pelvic area and precisely operate the infected area without affecting other reproductive organs. 

While performing a laparoscopy procedure, the laparoscopic specialist who is performing laparoscopic gynecology may make other small incisions into your abdomen to insert other surgical instruments. The best laparoscopic surgeon like Dr. Suryanarayan Mohanty makes sure that the incisions made are safe and precise so that there are no side effects of incisions after surgery. 

Now, why laparoscopic gynecological surgery over open surgery?

As we said earlier, laparoscopic gynecological surgery is now preferred by doctors as well as patients. It provides patients with the following benefits;

• Less pain as compared to open abdominal surgery

• Fewer complications

• Laparoscopic hence, less scary for patients

• Minimum stays in hospital after surgery

• Shorter recovery time

Many times patients are discharged on the same day after a few hours of laparoscopic gynecological surgery or to be on the safer side they are discharged the next morning after the surgery. 

In which case doctors perform laparoscopic gynecological surgery?

Most of the time gynecological conditions are first treated with minor medications and other treatments to avoid unnecessary incisions in the patient’s body. Depending on the complications and severity of the gynecological conditions the gynecological doctor recommends you undergo the laparoscopic procedure. 

Dr. S N Mohanty, one of the best gynecological doctors and the senior gynecological surgeon performs laparoscopic procedures to treat the following gynecological conditions:

• Endometriosis

• Fibroids and big fibroid cases

• Ovarian cysts

• Ectopic pregnancies

• Sterilization

• Pelvic problems including urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse

• Laparoscopic hysterectomy 

• Laparoscopy-assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Laparoscopic gynecological surgery can also be performed to treat gynecological cancer and Dr. Suryanarayan Mohanty is the only gynecological surgeon performing laparoscopic cancer surgery in Odisha. 

What does the laparoscopy procedure include?

• Laparoscopic gynecological surgery is generally carried out under general anesthesia. Hence, during the surgery, patients will be unconscious and won’t feel the pain. 

• Once patients are unconscious, a catheter will be attached to her urine place so that it will collect urine till the patient will be unconscious. 

• Then with a needle through the needle, the patient's abdomen will be filled with carbon dioxide gas. It will help the laparoscopic specialist to have a better vision of organs in the pelvic area. Also, because of this, the possibility of damaging other internal organs will also be diminished. 

• Then a small cut will be made in the patient's navel to insert the laparoscope and have a clear view of the internal organs on the monitor in the operation room. 

• Other incisions will be made around the navel to insert other operative instruments to carry out the laparoscopy procedure using laparoscopy as a telescope.

• Once the surgery is done, all the instruments are safely taken out and incisions are closed with some stitches.  

• Then you are bandaged and sent to the recovery room or to the patient's admission room for recovery from anesthesia. 

Advanced laparoscopic procedures are also available. They are carried out with the help of robotic arms. 

Recovery after laparoscopic gynecological surgery

It may take some days or weeks to recover from the surgery and surgical wounds. Till then you should take complete rest and take care of yourself. 

Following are some points that you should take into account regarding recovery after the procedure;

1. Right after recovery from anesthesia, nurses will check all patients' vital organs. Patients cannot leave the hospital till she is able to urinate on her own. 

2. Recovery time varies from procedure to procedure. There are times you may need to stay for one or two nights in the hospital.

3. Patients may feel nauseated for the rest of the day after the procedure is performed.

4. Since carbon dioxide was filled in the patient's stomach during the laparoscopy procedure, patients may feel pain in their shoulder, or chest. 

5. Doctors will prescribe to patients for some antibiotics and antibacterial ointments to get recovered from the incision wounds. 

Some risks related to the surgical procedure

• Some side effects such as skin irritation and bladder infection are the most common side effects of surgery. 

• Allergic reactions because some medications

• Adhesions

• Blood clots

• difficulty in urinating

The following conditions may add complications: 

• if patients have undergone any abdominal surgery previously

• if patients are obese

• if patients are very thin

• severe degree of endometriosis

• pelvic infection

See your doctor immediately after surgery if;

• patients experience serious abdominal pain

• feel nausea for a long time

• patients have a fever above 101⁰F

• infection that is put in your incision site

• patients experience pain during urination and bowel movements


Laparoscopic gynecological surgery results are better than that of open surgery. The laparoscopic surgery costs are dependent on the type of laparoscopy surgery patients are going through. To know more about the surgery and other gynecological cold conditions, consult Dr. Suryanarayan N Mohanty, one of the best laparoscopic gynecological surgeons in Bhubaneswar.